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Dunnington Parish Council

BT Telephone Kiosk

A red BT telephone box in Dunnington

As many of you will have seen BT are proposing to decommission and remove this kiosk due to lack of use. The details can be found on the Parish Council website or the City of York Council planning portal under reference 20/01243/TCNOT where you will see that you have the opportunity to respond during the consultation period. So far as the Parish Council is concerned our Village Design Statement 2006 and our emerging Neighbourhood Plan 2019 both make reference to retaining this iconic piece of street furniture which is located within the conservation area of the village. We will therefore be making our views known through the proper channels.

Although you have to be realistic and in our experience it is likely that BT will succeed in at least decommissioning the payphone. However all is not lost and the Parish Council will have the opportunity to purchase the kiosk under BT’s “adopt a red phone box scheme”. This proposal is going to be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting on 14 September 2019. In anticipation we would be pleased to hear your views which can be made via the contact page on the Parish Council website.