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Dunnington Parish Council

Update on H31 Eastfield Lane, Dunnington

Close up of the planned development.

Planning Application 20/01626/FULM

As you all know the consultation period for the planning application closed on Tuesday 27 October 2020. If you visit the City of York Council planning portal you will see that there are 117 documents associated with the planning application, the majority of which are objections to the development.

The determination date for the planning application was Wednesday 16 December 2020.

However, City of York Council has asked the applicant to provide some additional information and has agreed an extension of time with them until 5 March 2021 to allow this to happen.

The next main City of York Council Planning Committee Meeting after this date is scheduled for 8 April 2021, although whether the planning application will be heard on that date is not known at this stage.