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Dunnington Parish Council

Dunnington Community Support Group

St Nicholas Church, Dunnington

Following the City of York's move into COVID-19 Tier 3 - Very High Alert, Dunnington Parish Council would like to take the opportunity to thank St Nicholas Church for the formation of the Dunnington Community Support Group.

The Dunnington Community Support Group came into being in 2020 following people in our community of Dunnington coming forward to ask what they could do to help out those in need. Under the auspice of Revd Nick Bird, Dunnington was divided into small areas each with its own small support team. Leaflets were dropped through neighbouring doors offering help and an area contact number provided for those in need.

I am sure that even if you did not use the Dunnington Community Support Group you were reassured that there was someone out there should you need help.

So thank you to the Revd Nick Bird and to all those in the Dunnington Community Support Group on behalf of Dunnington Parish Council.

Gill Shaw

Chairman, Dunnington Parish Council