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Dunnington Parish Council

Promoting Biodiversity

Bumblebee and bee on a flower.

As our webpage on the environment says, we have received a number of communications from residents concerned with promoting greater biodiversity in the parish through reduced grass cutting to support wildlife and allowing wild flowers to flourish on verges and in grass land.

City of York Council have also agreed a new Pollinator Strategy which we will look at with a view to developing a similar document or action plan for the parish.

For this year, we are planting some new wild flower beds between the avenue of trees on Intake Lane Green, opposite the play park. This will leave the well-walked path next to the allotment hedge free for walkers. The beds will have a mixture of annual and perennial plants. This is funded by a Ward Grant from City of York Council. The existing beds in Millennium Garden are also being rejuvenated through spring and autumn mowing and some new seeding, thanks to Dunnington Conservation Group.

We will also undertake a full inspection of parish council trees this year to deal with any maintenance issues in order to protect them from damage and disease.

We have appointed a new gardening contractor who will be looking after the village greens and the cemetery. They will be doing a slightly higher cut to protect the low growing flowering plants which provide food and shelter for bees and insects.

Our thanks to the volunteers who have been planting primroses and anemones along the single track of Intake Lane which will also be planted with wild flower seeds.

Look out for further announcements about the Garden Tree Scheme in the autumn, also being organised by local residents and Treemendous. Dunnington Residents will be able to choose one tree from a selection of small trees suitable for gardens for a small donation.