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Dunnington Parish Council

Asset Register 2018-19

Asset Register 2018-19 (PDF file)

Asset Summary

Land and Buildings
Dunnington Activity Park Equipment£94,609.00
Dunnington Cemetery£17,640.00
Parish Council Equipment£2,570.00
In Bloom Equipment£12,332.00

Land and Buildings

AssetValueInsured?Land Registry
The Greens ( 3 in total)
Millennium Garden
The Matthew Hill Plot
Land on Intake Lane
Hassacarr Nature ReserveNYK173330
Dunnington Cemetery Land£26,830.00NoNYK383826
Activity Park Land (Matthew Hill Plot)
Dunnington & Grimston Playing Field Land
The Greens Parish Allotments
Julia's Garden Public Amenity
Undergate Field Parish AllotmentsNYK458896
Undergate Allotment Shed/ Facilities etc£2,600.00Yes for £5,627.00
Undergate FieldNYK458896
Bus Stop brick opposite news agents York St
Bus Stop brick at York Rd Bridge
Bus Stop Shelter Hull Road
Scouts and Guides Building on Garden Flats LaneNYK463961

Dunnington Activity Park Equipment

AssetValueInsured?Land Registry
RSS Typhoon SJD Ltd
£10,266.00YesBy PFA
Birds Nest Tree SJD Ltd£12,311.00YesBy PFA
Zip Line SJD Ltd£5,332.00YesBy PFA
Dragon Swing SJD Ltd£5,950.00YesBy PFA
Birds Nest Swing SJD Ltd£3,780.00YesBy PFA
Sp. Access Picnic Bench SJD Ltd£785.00YesBy PFA
Large Forest Climber SJD Ltd£12,597.00YesBy PFA
Extended Clatter Bridge SJD Ltd£2,802.00YesBy PFA
Tower + Scramble Net & Slide SJD Ltd£9,111.00YesBy PFA
Honeycomb Lawn Matting SJD Ltd£14,740.00YesBy PFA
Swing Seats SJD Ltd£154.00YesBy PFA
Kerbing/Surfacing/Fencing SJD Ltd£8,471.00YesBy PFA
Ground wks/Drainage/Removals S J D Ltd£8,310.00YesBy PFA

Dunnington Cemetery

AssetValueInsured?Land Registry
Cemetery Car Park Phase 1
Cemetery Groundwork Phase 1£3,160.00No
Cemetery Fencing & Gates Phase 1£350.00No
Cemetery Signs etc Phase 1£1,380.00No
Cemetery water supply Phase 1£3,500.00No
Cemetery Groundwork Phase 2
Notice Board£1,000.00Yes

Parish Council Equipment

AssetValueInsured?Land Registry
Lap Top/Microsoft/Pen Drive
Filing Cabinets x 2
Projector and equipment£450.00Yes
Tabletop Display Stand£120.00No

In Bloom Equipment

AssetValueInsured?Land Registry
Mower Klippo
Torrows x 6£3,000.00Yes
Hedge Cutter STIHL 24 inch£124.00No
Hedge Cutter Kawasaki£309.00Yes
Strimmer STIHL£150.00No
Electric Water Bowser£1,000.00Yes
Barrows x 3£100.00No
Hand Tools - various£200.00No
Grit Spreaders£200.00No
Barrels/Tubs x 22£1,000.00No
Wicker Man and Vintage Plough£1,500.00Yes
Flower Planters
Flower Tubs
In Bloom prize signs
Wicker Horse plus Cart at Manor Drive£3,000.00Yes

Other Assets

AssetValueInsured?Land Registry
Torrows x 1
Mill Wheel£900.00Yes
Wooden Tables x 15 (with Gary Kay)
Public Benches x some 20
Old School Benches
Village Signs indicating Dunnington
Notice Board opposite news agents
Finger posts on Common road and elsewhere
Hassacarr Nature Board
HNR Jetty
HNR Life Belt
HNR Signs
Village Cross
Hassacarr Notice Board£1,000.00Yes

Britain in Bloom Items under £300 not insured due to excess