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Dunnington Parish Council

Friends of Hagg Wood

Hagg Wood is a 107-acre area of woodland close to Dunnington which was designated a Forestry Commission Community Woodland in 2003. Whilst the wood itself is just outside the parish boundaries of Dunnington, it has been enjoyed for many years by many residents of Dunnington and elsewhere for the healthy fresh air and natural environment which it provides close to Dunnington. English Nature has listed Hagg Wood as an ancient woodland, which is a site with a continuous history of woodland cover since the Middle Ages. It contains many species of wildflowers, including English bluebells, wood anemones, wood sorrel, bugle, celandines, primroses, snowdrops and foxgloves, several of which are ancient woodland indicator species.

Hagg Wood

As well as helping to establish as a Community Woodland for the continued benefit of the public at large, the Friends of Hagg Wood was formed in 1996 by local residents to help guarantee continued public access into the wood, including the recognition of relevant local public footpaths. Please get into touch via the Friends of Hagg Wood website if you would like to support us in this area of continuing concern. The Friends have carried regular extensive monthly conservation activities in the wood meeting at the Intake Lane entrance, both to preserve and protect existing native species. While Hagg Wood is a Planted Ancient Woodland site, the longer-term goal is to help regenerate the wood as a semi-natural woodland in which native species of trees, plants and wildlife can thrive. This has included the Bluebell Area, Millennium Area, the Jubilee Wood, the Breathing Places Area and the Crater Area, which itself has several ponds which can be attractive to wildlife, including the many birds which now visit or live in the wood.

Further details of the regular conservation-related activities, both outdoors and indoors, of the Friends of Hagg Wood in the coming months can be found on the Friends of Hagg Wood website.

The Friends of Hagg Wood welcomes new members, both young and well-conditioned, with annual membership currently only £4 a year for individuals and £6 a year for couples. Do get in touch with Elaine, our member secretary, on 01904-481520 or by e-mail on