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Dunnington Parish Council

Cemetery Charges

Cemetery Fees 23 24

    Dunnington Cemetery is owned and operated by Dunnington Parish Council. 

    The following charges apply to Dunnington Parishioners only.

    Purchasing Plots Options

    (Only 1 coffin to be placed in a Grave Plot)

    • Adult Grave (Single Plot) / £1015
    • Interment Administration Fee / £300
    • Adult Grave (Two Plots) / £1335
    • Interment Administration Fee (Per Plot) / £300
    • Children’s Grave (Single Plot) / £510
    • Interment Administration Fee / £300
    • Cremated Remains Plot (Up to a maximum of 4 Urns) / £545
    • Interment Administration Fee (Per Urn) / £300

    Urn Options

    (No Urns to be placed in a Grave Plot without a Coffin) 

    • Up to a maximum of 4 Urns in a Grave Plot with a Coffin Interment Administration Fee (Per Urn) / £300
    • Up to a maximum of 1 Urn in a Coffin in a Grave Plot Interment Administration Fee / £300

    Other Charges

    • Permit for a new headstone / £155 Permit for an added inscription / £105

    Non Dunnington Parishioners will be charged an additional 30% in respect of each option/charge subject to availability. 

    These charges become effective on 1 April 2023 and will increase annually on 1 April each year by the CPI rate of inflation*, rounded up to the nearest £5 or £10 pound, until further notice. (*The rate of inflation will be based on the published February rate) 

    These charges need to be read in conjunction with the Dunnington Cemetery Rules and Regulations.


    The interment administration fee does not include the provision of grave/urn digging which is the responsibility of the Funeral Director using our preferred contractor.