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Dunnington Parish Council

Cemetery Charges

Cemetery Charges from 1 April 2022 (PDF file)

    Dunnington Cemetery is owned and operated by Dunnington Parish Council. 

    The following charges apply to Dunnington Parishioners only.

    Purchasing Plots Options

    (Only 1 coffin to be placed in a Grave Plot)

    • Adult Grave (Single Plot) / £915
    • Interment Administration Fee / £270
    • Adult Grave (Two Plots) / £1,205
    • Interment Administration Fee (Per Plot) / £270
    • Children’s Grave (Single Plot) / £460
    • Interment Administration Fee / £270
    • Cremated Remains Plot (Up to a maximum of 4 Urns) / £490
    • Interment Administration Fee (Per Urn) / £270

    Urn Options

    (No Urns to be placed in a Grave Plot without a Coffin) 

    • Up to a maximum of 4 Urns in a Grave Plot with a Coffin Interment Administration Fee (Per Urn) / £270
    • Up to a maximum of 1 Urn in a Coffin in a Grave Plot Interment Administration Fee / £270

    Other Charges

    • Permit for a new headstone / £140 Permit for an added inscription / £95

    Non Dunnington Parishioners will be charged an additional 30% in respect of each option/charge subject to availability.

    These charges become effective on 1 April 2022 and will increase annually on 1 April each year by the rate of inflation, rounded up to the nearest £5 or £10 pound, until further notice.

    These charges need to be read in conjunction with the Dunnington Cemetery Rules and Regulations.


    The interment administration fee does not include the provision of grave/urn digging which is the responsibility of the Funeral Director using our preferred contractor.