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Dunnington Parish Council

A wintery sunset over Cedar Glade in Dunnington

Welcome to the new
Dunnington Parish Council website

As our previous website had served its purpose we have taken the opportunity to review and overhaul the content. We hope that you will find the new format much more pleasing to read and easier to navigate. At the same time we have been able to reduce our annual website running costs considerably which means that this saving can be directed elsewhere for the benefit of the community.

Whilst we have had to retain a lot of the content, which we have updated, we have removed some old pages and added some new pages as we think that it is very important to provide a medium by which useful and up to date information regarding the Parish can be easily accessed. The content ranges from Parish Council meeting agendas and minutes to our emerging Neighbourhood Plan plus many other items including planning applications, probably our most visited page. Please have a look through yourself at the range of content as we are sure you will find something interesting to read or fact to find.

We have always tried to keep the website content up to date but as it has grown this does become a challenge. In fact if you have any suggestions to change or add to the website that you would like to see, or spot an inaccuracy, please let us know via the contact page so that we can give the matter further consideration.

We want as many people to know about and view the website as possible as we consider that it forms a valuable contribution to the fabric of the Parish and village complimenting the other forms of media currently in use as a source of providing local information.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support

In this very unusual and difficult time we are trying to provide updates for everyone in the community as best we can although the situation does change on a regular basis.

There are three main areas where information can be found in addition to this website:

We hope this helps and we will try to give updates on a regular basis.

In addition further information can be found on the This is Dunnington Facebook page and on the St Nicholas Church website.

If you want to make contact please use our contact form or email St Nicholas Church.


Dunnington Parish Council News

Cartoon of a person in dark clothing wearing a balaclava and carrying a crowbar and torch. A yellow bike stands nearby.

Opportunist thieves operating in the area

14 February 2021

Dunnington Parish Council are urging residents to take extra steps to secure their sheds, garages and outbuildings, after a series of opportunist thefts in the village.

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Close up of a sheep's head looking straight at the camera.

Sheep worrying

14 February 2021

Police renew warning to dog owners after sheep severely injured.

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A paper-clipped collection of documents, the top one has a profile and some text.

Vacancy for a Councillor

04 February 2021

Dunnington Parish Council has two vacancies and is looking to hear from anyone interested in serving as a councillor.

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