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Dunnington Parish Council

Vacancy for a Councillor

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A vacancy has arisen for a Councillor.

The vacancy has already been advertised by the City of York Council for the position to be filled by a By Election but no nominations were received.

In these circumstances the Parish Council can if it so wishes co-opt a suitable person in accordance with their Co-Option Procedure dated 8 June 2020.

The Co-Option Procedure can be found on the Publications page under Governance and Policies. The document is also displayed on the village notice board.

If anyone is interested and would like some further information about the role then please contact either the Parish Clerk or Chairman, whose contact details can be found below, who will be only too pleased to assist.

If anyone would like to apply for the position they need to do so by providing a CV in accordance with the Co-Option Procedure (item 5iii) direct to the Parish Clerk whose contact details can be found below.

Please note that if the conditions of the Co-Option Procedure are not adhered to then the Parish Council reserves the right to refuse the application.

The closing date for the vacancy is Monday 21 December 2020.

The matter will be an Agenda item for the Parish Council meeting to be held on Monday 11 January 2021.


Cllr Gill Shaw, 14 Holly Tree Croft, Dunnington, York, YO19 5RG

Tel: 01904 489107 



Julie Bone, 43 St James Close, Rawcliffe, York, YO30 5WL

Tel: 01904 672199